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Lose the extra equipment.
We can manage your Wi-Fi.

For many families, one computer is no longer enough to go around. In a household with multiple computers and printers, a home network often becomes a necessity. A Home network allows multiple computers to share files, printers and an Internet connection. With a home network from BEVCOMM there is no need for extra equipment, for just $5.95 per month enjoy a secured wired or wireless home network. Let your trusted BEVCOMM technicians take the hassle out of the configuration for you and count on us for future support!

Once you have your home network set up, you will find you can put it to use in many ways. You can share files between computers and even remotely access the other computers in your home. The most commonly shared peripheral is the printer. So, even if your printer is in the living room and you are at a computer in your bedroom, you are still able to print. You can share other peripherals as well, such as televisions, hard drives and web cams. A home network is also ideal for gaming and other leisurely activities. You can play multi-player games with people in your home or online.