Scholarship Info for graduating high school seniors

Each year BEVCOMM contributes to the continuing education of outstanding students in our local communities.
BEVCOMM supports special students who exemplify their potential to become the leaders of tomorrow. We award to students who recognize the importance of volunteerism, community involvement, future goals, as well as academic achievement. Students can apply in the high school counsellor’s office, using your general application form. The scholarship is in the amount of $1,500.00. Scholarships are awarded after the student completes and submits to us their first quarter or semesters grade transcripts.

Eligibility for the BEVCOMM scholarship is based on the following:

• 2.5 GPA, or above
• Community Volunteer
• Takes part in extra circular activities
• Interest in working/living in a rural community is a plus

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In addition, BEVCOMM is a member-company of other industry organizations who offer scholarship opportunities to high school students:

The Minnesota Telecom Association (MTA) Foundation, will award five scholarships to graduating seniors. Each scholarship will be in the amount of $2,000.00.  Scholarships will be awarded after the student demonstrates successful completion of the first year of college or technical school. The scholarship application can be found be found by clicking here.  Interested applicants can complete and print their form online.  MTA requires multiple applicant appraisals, an essay, high school transcript, class ranking, and signature from a BEVCOMM representative. Students can drop materials at their local BEVCOMM office and we submit to MTA for them.

The Foundation for Rural Service (FRS), offers an annual college scholarship program to help further higher education among rural youth. FRS awards a one-time $2,500 scholarship to students from rural America for their first year of college, university or vocational-technical school. Each student is sponsored by an NTCA member company, which in this case is BEVCOMM. FRS funds $2,000 of each scholarship, and the sponsoring company (BEVCOMM) awards the remaining $500. The FRS College Scholarship Program seeks to encourage students to return to their rural communities upon completing their education. This application can also be found online

Please take note of strict application deadlines specified on each application form.