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Avoid unexpected service charges that apply when we dispatch a technician and find trouble inside your home. WirePro is a maintenance plan, or an "insurance policy" against large one-time premise visit charges. WirePro covers phone, Internet, and TV services.

WirePro is a wire maintenance plan. Wire maintenance plans are your “insurance policy” against large one-time repair bills, much like the insurance you carry on your car or home. Subscribing to WirePro makes you no more or less likely to experience service trouble. When deciding whether or not to subscribe, you should consider your ability to repair the inside wire yourself and if the monthly expense as stated is worth avoiding the potential repair expense of $45 or more.

If you don't have WirePro, one time service fees apply. If your trouble is determined to be inside wire, you will have three courses of action:

1. Hire your Phone Co. to repair the wire for you. We charge a per hour rate for time, plus materials.

2. Hire a qualified electrician or contractor to perform the work.
3. Repair the wire yourself.

What does WirePro cover?


Phone Service Internet Service TV Service
•Service disruptions caused by a trouble found with inside telephone wiring or phone jacks. Wiring that runs from connection point or an equivalent point of entry to the telephone jacks inside your home. •Service disruptions caused by improper cabling/wiring.

•Improper cabling/wiring of customer owned equipment.
•Programming the Remote Control

•Changing an Input on the TV

•Service disruptions caused by improper cabling/wiring.
WirePro Frequently Asked Questions

*Taxes and other mandated service charges will apply. Pricing is subject to change.