WirePro - Frequently asked questions

Will I be billed a service trip charge when a telephone technician comes to my home?
Not, if you subscribe to WirePro. You will never have to worry about being billed a service charge again as long as your installation meets FCC rules and regulations. With WirePro a telephone company technician will come to your home and isolate the trouble to a specific device or wiring. If the problem is in the telephone equipment, owned by the customer, the customer will need to replace their equipment. If it is in the wiring and not caused by improper installation we will replace it free of charge.

If I don’t have to pay a service charge, will I be billed for anything else?
The only time you will receive a service charge is when you have been given an estimate and have agreed to charges for repair of improper wiring as explained above.

Will WirePro cover my telephone extensions in my garage?
Yes, as long as the garage is attached to your home. However, WirePro does not cover telephone wiring or phone jacks in buildings separate from the home.

What if I have problems with my telephone service after hours?
Customer service representatives are available 24-hours a day. A customer service representative will schedule an appointment during normal business hours.

Am I required to stay on this plan for any amount of time?
If you sign up when trouble has occurred, then you must subscribe to WirePro for at least 12 months, or you may pay the service charge, then sign up for WirePro on a month to month basis.

What if I have problems with my telephone service after hours?
Call your local telephone company office and ask for WirePro service. WirePro will be activated on your account.

WirePro does not cover:
• Repair or replacement of telephone sets, modems, answering machines etc.
• Installation and wiring of new jacks.
• Cable or wiring that runs between or within separate buildings.
• Underground wire owned by the home owner.
• Inaccessible connection point.
• Telephone wiring that is not up to industry standards.
• Adding extensions

*Installation fee applies. Service availability depends upon location. Internet speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Some restrictions may apply. Taxes and other mandated service charges will apply. Pricing is subject to change.